Kundalini Yoga + Sacred Living:

2018 Update

It is time for me to practice what I preach. I’ve been pulled in a new direction of study and work that I want to share with you. As you know, I’ve been immersed in spirituality my entire life long. From a young age, I was raised learning to rely on my intuition above all else, read chakras, do energy work, encouraged to speak with the spirits I could see and feel. I never developed the filter that many people do around spirituality. Lucky me! (Thanks mom and dad.) I have deeply indulged this yearning in me. I am wildly passionate about opening others up to this way of living that is connected to Soul, to Spirit, to this other realm that is just as real, if not realer than this one. I believe it is a source of infinite medicine, creativity, joy, peace and power.

I grew up exposed to many different spiritual traditions and during the new age spiritual movement. I’ve immersed myself in kundalini, tantra, yoga, the shamanic path, all different forms of meditation, healing modalities, and more. This journey has been incredibly powerful. I’ve experienced incredible growth, healing and awakening. However, there has been one thing missing through these experiences.


At best, most spiritual traditions have a neutral view of sexuality. There is subtle and not so subtle shaming of various forms of sexuality, an idea that sexuality must be “purified” in order to be considered “spiritual”. At worst, there is manipulation, abuse, and violence centering around sexuality and using sex as a way to control. It’s clear that a reckoning is needed in many spiritual circles around sexuality. A broad topic for another time…

Sexuality has been sorely lacking from many spiritual teachings. Sure, there might be mention of this energy in a passing way. But we don’t dive deeply into it. We’re afraid. This is a missed opportunity. Sexual energy is one of the densest energies we have to work with. Working privately with clients over the past 8 years, I feel absolutely comfortable saying that sexuality is the realm that holds the deepest trauma, judgement, shame, guilt, avoidance, doubt, disappointment and powerlessness for most people. Our culture is deeply wounded around sexuality.

On the flip side, sexuality is, in my opinion and experience, the most powerful beacon of light, evolution, creativity, and deeply embodied love on the planet. It is the kundalini. It is the primal, sacred energy that rises through us. It is the evolutionary force.

Wherever we have cut off from sexuality due to trauma, conditioning, or other factors, we cut off from our basic life force energy. We cut off from, in my opinion, the most sacred force we can bring into the body. Sexual energy is pure sacred elixir of the Gods and Goddesses. It is light in the body.

Many spiritual traditions have specific ways that are “approved” ways of working with this energy. The reason given is often that it is such a powerful energy that we must be careful. This is true, to an extent. However, this excuse can often simply be a way to control sexuality – especially female sexuality. These rules and dogma often serve to further imbed sex negative views, shame, guilt, judgement and other conditioning that limits the fullness of this energy. I believe female sexuality is the most powerful untapped resource on the planet.

Pleasure for it’s own sake is a worthy and sacred pursuit. The body is holy as it is. There is no need to wrap a spiritual dogma around it to make it so.

Individually and collectively, we have deep sexual wounding that goes back generations. We have moved through a sexual revolution already. We are changing our beliefs around what is acceptable. The next frontier is the inner sexual revolution. How do we relate to our bodies, our pleasure, our sexual health, expression, love? How can this deepen our relationships to ourselves, our partners, our communities, our world? This is big stuff. Sexuality reaches the deepest layers of our being. When we revolutionize those roots, we shake the entire tree. And my loves, this world needs shaking.

I believe that sexuality is the next frontier of growth. For our society, yes. And those of us who identify as seekers on the path, those who crave union with Spirit, this is the deepest work we can do. It is also an incredibly powerful practice for physical health. Just as we’ve had an exercise revolution (jogging was considered crazy just 60 years ago), a nutrition revolution, we are poised and ready for discovering the many health benefits of an integrated, blissful sexual life.

I’ve been studying tantra and sexuality for almost 10 years: tantric yoga, jade egg exploration, taoist tantric practices, classical tantra, love + relationship tools and more. My studies have become more and more serious over the past couple years. Especially after this last election in the US, I’ve felt a massive push towards sharing this wisdom more publicly. I am currently enrolled in a year long, intensive study with the Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality: a Love, Sex, and Relationship Coaching Program. Over this year, I’ll be gathering even more wisdom, experience, and gaining a framework for working with people privately and in groups. From neurological study to back ancient taoist and tantric practices, trauma aware training, deep esoteric wisdom and transmissions, I’m so excited to share all of this with you. Simply put, a plethora of tools to help you have better, more pleasurable, more connected sex! Zero dogma. Woohoo! It is also a deep dive into love and relationship coaching (ie: attract the partner of your dreams, keep the magic alive in long term relationships, deeply connect with your partner, heal a broken heart, guidance through transitions, etc.)

I am over the moon excited to combine these holistic sex, love + relationship tools, practices, and wisdom with what I already offer in the realm of Kundalini + Sacred Living. This is rich and fertile ground for the deepest, most pleasurable work and play!

I’m most thrilled to be sharing tools specifically for women. As a woman, this is my area of expertise, obviously. I also fully believe that female sexuality is the greatest, most healing, most revolutionary force on the planet. I believe that if we can empower women to be fully in their bodies, in their pleasure, in their power, their ecstasy, that this will move mountains. I am so so so deeply committed to being a part of this revolution.

I’ll be cocooning myself in study during 2018, of course venturing out now and then to share these practices and tools bit by bit…

The Love Yourself (for real) eCourse will include some introductory and powerful tantric + holistic sex practices. The Nectar of the Goddess: A Women’s Spirit + Sex Immersion will be half Kundalini half tantric practices for health, pleasure, and radiance.

Yes, I will still be teaching Kundalini Yoga for the foreseeable future. My drop in schedule will be pared down a bit to focus more on private sessions, deeper experiences, ecourses, retreats and more. I will be dropping my Friday afternoon class.

I am excited to see where this will take me (and you if you want to come along!). It is an absolute privilege to be able to pursue what lights your heart on fire. I feel incredibly fortunate to have this opportunity. I feel a great amount of responsibility in this. To you. My community. To our changing world. To all that is sacred. To my path. To this infinite cosmic dance and play.

May we have a ridiculously good time while we’re here, together, waking up.

With Love + Respect,


  1. Jennaea says:

    So unbelievably super excited for you! I would love to delve into this more alongside you/with your guidance – let’s talk when we get a chance! Bummed for me on your dropping the Fri class – life has gotten so crazy with the kids lately that I was about to switch gears and start taking the Fri class, which is the only day/time I can regularly make work now! xo

    • Nicole Nardone says:

      yay! thank you jennaea! aw, well hopefully mon, tues, thurs, or sat can work for you… and yes! let’s connect. we can book a private if you want to. beaming you love! <3

  2. Tracy Thompson says:

    This sounds amazing. Congratulations on finding the next steps on your journey and being brave enough to take them. Thank you for sharing. I look forward to what comes next!

  3. Georgine Madden says:

    count me in!

  4. Patricia Nardone says:

    Hello Love, I’m thrilled that you are integrating sexuality with spirituality! I’m interested in your e course, too. Sounds like a nutrient for myself right now. You have been on my mind and I will reach out to you over the next few days to learn more about your course. Sending hugs, Patricia

    • Nicole Nardone says:

      thank youuuu <3 yes yes yes! i saw you signed up for the ecourse. what an honor to have you there. love you <3

  5. Angie says:

    Wow – this is exciting news! Women need this so desperately. No….the whole world needs this! So grateful you are leading the way – and with such passion 💖

  6. Kimberley says:

    Congrats lovely lady, this is a brilliant and much needed path and super excited for you! May all align for you and may the study and work help to further share your beautiful impact with the world.

  7. Robin G says:

    Interested in learning more with you

    • Nicole Nardone says:

      i’d love that! check out the april immersion or the love yourself ecourse! or we could also book a private session. keep an eye out for many many more future opportunities as well!

  8. Anne says:

    I am thrilled for you, Nicole! You will continue to make big waves in the world with your spirit and wisdom. I cannot wait to watch this all unfold for you, and watch you breakthrough in the process. You are a beacon of light! 💗

  9. Christina Hughed says:

    Absolutely over the moon for you!
    Christina Hughes.

  10. TATYANA says:

    This is exciting news!!! Oh my goodness, how awesome!!! Loving it!!!

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