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A Different Kind of Warming

The warmth created between two or more hearts will last us through the winter. Love is a warming. This time of year is not made for fireworks. This is the time of the slow burn, the sauna, the leaning in to the hearth of dear hearts.

Kin, community, lovers, children, beloved friends…let their hearts rest over yours. Pull them over you like mittens. Let their love be a shield to wind, to cold, to whatever is making you hard and tense.

Sometimes the harshest weather comes from ourselves. We keep our hearts dense and tight against possible future harm. We shrink away from any opening so that we do not lose the preciousness inside. But how can we lose love? Where does it go?

There’s nothing to lose in loving with all your warmth. Anyone. If cold is making you icy, isolated, lonely – seek the hearts of others. Even if only in silence.

At first, acknowledge winter. It is enormous and it is here. Feel the immense emptiness of the sky. Sense how it shows you to empty. Feel the sharp and demanding air. Sense how it helps you move to hearts that keep you warm.

Just be present. First with your own heart. There is no right way to do this or right things to discover here. The contents of this chest are treasure. Each of them. Treat them this way. Let another treat them this way.

And finally, rest well into the presence of another heart. A friend, a companion, another soul who feels like hearth to you. There is nothing here to lose. And there is so much warmth, so much fire to last you through the winter.

Truth is, this warming can be found in everyone you meet. Sometimes the fire needs tending on one end or another. Sometimes there’s more smoke than flame. But there is always warmth between two hearts. How deeply can you open to this warmth. How deeply can you let it change you and change your view of winter?

Traditionally, I am not a fan of winter. But I have been practicing this. The softness I’ve been melting into is divine. I’d love to share it with you. Come to a class, workshop, or book a private. Or simply connect via the ethers. We can use all the warmth we can get.

With Warm Blessings and Love,

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