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A Soft Heart

Summer is in full swing. This is the time of year when the energy of the heart is high. When in excess or out of balance, we can feel angry, tightness in the chest, restless, or an underlying sense of angst. To me, this feeling seems to have been amplified lately due to Mercury in retrograde. We want to move, but we can’t. We have an excess of energy, but nowhere to put it. Things are not moving quite at the speed we’d like. That’s Mercury’s lesson much of the time, “you are not in control, slow down, all in it’s own best time”.

So what can you do when you feel this excess of energy? What do you do when it feels like things should be moving and aren’t? Or maybe you are feeling an low-grade sense of frustration that you can’t quite put your finger on. There isn’t one thing you can point to, but you know the feeling. It feel mosquito bites under that skin that you can’t quite itch. Or maybe even milder than that. It’s a sense of the flow of your life being slightly off, just enough to notice it.

The cool air this week will surely give some respite. However, to reach down into what’s really causing this, I suggest something else. This energy is really just the energy of the heart, misplaced. The heart is our center of joy. If we can turn and transform this energy towards balancing the energy of the heart, we can find greater joy instead of this listlessness.

Like many things, this balance can be attained by connecting to nature. There is a deep softness in this time of year. Especially with all the rain we’ve had. The ground is tender. Lakes, rivers, streams are wide and open and beckoning you in. Let your heart be wide and green and tender like these things. Close your eyes and sense into the feeling of these things. I don’t mean see with your eyes or remember with your mind. Sit down, shut your eyes, take a few breaths, and widen the sensory field around you. It might feel like your body is actually growing, like your skin has somehow become like air, thinning and reaching beyond it’s normal confines. Expand beyond. Feel how the trees feel, green, moist, tender, leaves filled with sun streams. Now feel the river, one glistening and clear. Let your heart grow wide with it, full of everything in it’s reach. And you are safe, because the forest knows how to care for itself. Have you ever noticed how greenery always finds a way to grow? Through the cracks of sidewalks, up around the edges of nicely-trimmed hedges. Nature is wild and lives by it’s own ancient rules. It is big and wide and soft and free. Be like that. When we connect with this aspect of nature, our hearts remember that fear is silly. Necessary, yes, but silly. When we connect with this aspect of nature, of ourselves, we know that no matter what paves over us, cuts us down, that we will find a new way to grow. And it will be even more beautiful than before.

Enjoy 🙂 And if you are needing extra support in connecting and opening the heart, consider booking a private session with me. It’s what I do best.

With a soft, wide, deep heart,

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