Kundalini Yoga + Sacred Living:

Choose As If You Were Blind

Choose the thing that makes you feel big. Choose the job that makes you stretch in all the right uncomfortable ways. Choose the love that makes your days feel touched by magic. Choose the words that roll off your tongue and in your head that make you grow taller, longer, broader, more full.

It can be that simple. Choose as if you were blind. Choose careers this way, choose lovers this way, choose breakfast this way. Close your eyes and feel into the path, the person, the thoughts. Sense the consistency. Is it yummy or deeply nourishing? Is bright and shiny or full and sustaining? Does it make your skin contract? Or does it make your whole body feel like melting snow?

Be melting snow.
Wash yourself of yourself.

Choosing in this way gets you in touch with what the deep self wants, not the small self. The small self chooses things that look good from the outside. The small self chooses people who feel good right now. The small self takes breaths that are short and sad.

I say it all the time in my yoga & meditation classes…if your breath and your practice aren’t making you feel bigger, more expanded, you’re doing it wrong. That isn’t to say that there will be discomfort. There might be a sense of constriction as you move towards that bigger world. It’s sort of like moving through a birth canal. There is contraction, but then there is a vibrating and electric world before you that you might have never imagined.

Let the fullness pull you. Let the Universe learn your name. Let it know how you want to feel. Let it know you are ready for more. More love, more joy, more fullness.

We’ll be getting big all week in my yoga classes. Check out my regular schedule here (no class Easter Sunday).
What are you choosing today?

With Love,

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