Kundalini Yoga + Sacred Living:

Forgetting + Remembering

There is a deep forgetting we undergo when we’re born into this world. We think as we grow up, that we are “figuring it out”, “making our way”, and so on. It seems to be the opposite. As children, we know. We remember the pace of Spirit. We understand that idle play is the closest thing to worship. We get older, and we think we have to make prayers in a specific order, with a certain number of candles lit, at a certain time of day, so that we can secure our place in heaven, or wherever.

As children, we know the language of plants and the wind, and we speak them fluently when grown ups are busy saying important things. As children age, they deafen to the low sweet hum of tree branches and God.

And if you watch an elder close enough, you’ll see they catch remembrances of these lost languages, too. Their hair gets caught in a wind and they look off for a moment. We think they have lost their stream of thought. Not exactly. They’re remembering a deeper stream, something more enduring.

The young and the old remember. We do not have to go on forgetting in between.

To carry this knowing from the other world, into this world, is the biggest blessing you could give any of us. Remembering the other world, in this world, is what is most needed.

Hold out your hands to the rain long enough, sit amongst the talking trees with open ears, rest your body on rocks in the sun…do any of these until the remembering begins.

The world deadens when it forgets. The weight of this dream makes us all heavy like stones underwater. When we remember where we came from, who brought us here, and what we have agreed to create together, we rise like a trillion suns.

Let our remembering call us home. Let our remembering happen on the shores of great lakes, or in the middle of a clearing of cedar trees, or in the middle of a group meditation. But let it happen. Let our remembering call us home.

If you are called to remember, if you feel heavy with the weight of forgetting why you came here, join me for the Kundalini Yoga + The Sacred Circle Retreat. This experience was birthed from a deep remembering. I share it with you in the hopes that you will birth your own great remembering.

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