Kundalini Yoga + Sacred Living:

Goddess Grace

Sometimes, the world peels back its layers for you. Sometimes you stand still long enough. You listen well enough. You close your eyes, shut out the light. Move in to places never known by anyone. Places that don’t have names yet in you. Places that are fertile, growing, echoes. Sometimes then, the world peels back its layers for you to see something. Feel something. Know something you can’t unsee, unfeel, unknow.

Sometimes you ask and ask. Pray and pray. For the veil to be lifted. You plead and make offerings. And they listen. And they bring you to the place where seeing is born. The place where knowing is born. The delta. The place where the worlds begin and end and everything in between. And you almost wish you hadn’t asked to see such things.

Sometimes the Goddess answers. She bends down and braids you into her hair for the last time. The final time. “There is no going back now”, she says like a song. A song you hear echo through your bones and eyes. A song made of Universe. A song like the birth of all stars. A song you’ll spend your whole life trying to sing again from memory. A life well spent.

Sometimes She gathers the fight in you like firewood. And throws you into flames. And you burn like all the stars. Unseen for galaxies. And you don’t care. You are tired of holding Her at arm’s length.

Sometimes She lays you on the shore of your life, lets you rest a moment before showing you even more beauty. In between the inhales and exhales, you are suspended midair. She waits patiently. As you, sweet human, prepare to witness even more. Even more grace than you can fathom.

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