Kundalini Yoga + Sacred Living:

How To Manifest

Make your list. Set your intentions. What do you want? When? How? Burn the list. Let the wind eat the ashes. Watch flowers come up where the ashes went down.

Walk one mile backwards and upstream in an unfamiliar river in the spring time. (Empty your pockets first.) Then drop down, float a mile downstream, face to the sun.

Make your obstacles into temples. The bigger, the better. Monoliths of your pain and stuck and forgetting. Worship there. Bring them tea and fruit. Circle those walls like a pilgrim and bow. Learn the cut of the stone, the texture, the language of your skin running over the stone. Worship soft like rain, until rock becomes sand again and you crumble.

Watch the hawks.

Fill up with all the wants and cravings and intentions. Gather a stone for every request you have to the Universe. Make yourself heavy like an anchor. Dive down to the bottom of a great lake. Sink to where the stone grandmothers and grandfathers stretch their arms wide to hold it all, as they have for eternity. Lay down with them in the dark and don’t expect anything to happen. Give them your weight. Float up naked.

Listen to the softer voices. Some beings (rocks, trees, people) put music in the silence between their words. Listen for this. Lean close to the ones that do this. Ask them more questions. Make more silence when you are together.

Ask: What song must be sung through me? What life must be lived through me? What aches to be born and cannot be born any other way? Learn to ask well. Learn to listen well. And when the answers come, drop to your knees in devotion. Serve that song.

For more, Kundalini Yoga for Manifestation starts July 9th.

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