Kundalini Yoga + Sacred Living:


I wholeheartedly believe in the power of reverence. I wholeheartedly believe in the power of irreverence. Whatever we believe, we must believe with each bloody cell that spins through our veins. Whatever we believe, we must be ready to surrender with each out breath.

Let your truth fly up against the vast sky.

I believe in committing to the same meditation practice, day after day. Whether you like it or not, showing up for yourself, rain or shine. I believe in dedication.

I believe in playing outside in the mud instead.

I believe whatever truth we cling to, will be a nail in our coffin. Choose yours wisely. Perhaps you’d rather be cremated. Perhaps you’ll hold your truths like ash from yesterday’s life. Perhaps you’re like me. Perhaps you’d like to be surprised, about what you can believe today.

Blow your beliefs into the wind. Scatter them like seeds. See which ones sprout.

Enough with this clinging to all that is right and holy and what will get you into heaven or nirvana or whatever we’re calling it these days. Go walk around with your feet on the ground and your head in the clouds.

I recently dedicated myself to rather lengthy kundalini meditation practice. I am “all in” as they say. I have planted myself in this practice. I will show up for myself, day after day after day, whether or not I want to. The door is shut behind me. I have given myself no outs. I have vowed in all the out-loud and silent ways that matter to me. I am doing this because I KNOW that this practice brings me home to myself. I am not doing it to repent. I am not committing to this in order to purify, or somehow to finally become whole. No. I am not even doing it to heal. I reject any notions that my yoga, meditation, spiritual practice is to make me “better”. I am good. I am real. I am whole. I’d like to wake up this truth. That is what my practice is for. I would like to remember who I am. Who I REALLY am.

And so, I have committed to this practice so that I may spend some sweet, secret, holy moments, me and Me, i and I. The sacred We. I’d like a taste of the Divine, please and thank you. Wait no, let me bathe in iiiiit.

And so yes, I believe in reverence. Reverence is what makes me love until the earth shakes. Reverence, dedication, discipline, all those “good” words.

And it is also spring. And we must hold these things lightly. However deeply we commit to something, we must also learn to hold it lightly. Let the thing have life of its own, breath of its own.

Whatever you are committing to this spring, this May, close the door behind you. Let yourself sink in. Be all in. Bu open Every. Last. Window. Wiiider. Let that spring wind rush in and kick things up.

And for the love of all that is holy and unholy, go play outside.

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