Kundalini Yoga + Sacred Living:

Kundalini Yoga + The Sacred Circle Retreat

Date: September 6 – 9, 2018
Location: Little Girl’s Point, Lake Superior, Gogebic County, MI (a beautiful 4.5 hr drive from the twin cities)



free your wild one
immerse yourself in sacred space + ceremony
remember who you came here to be

We all need spaces held for us to drop in to our deepest selves, to remember the songs of our hearts. Who better to do this than Mother Nature?
Join Nicole for a long weekend of sacred space for you to deeply drop in to your truest, most essential nature. Deeply connect, release, and welcome in what serves your most essential self. No cell phone, no internet, no distractions. Just you, Lake Superior, some seriously magical woods, sacredness all around, ceremony, delicious food, and yoga & meditation.
This weekend is magic. The retreat is structured around Kundalini Yoga + the Four Directions. We’ll be using ceremony and ritual as a way to connect with sacred energy. Kundalini Yoga + Meditation to clear away the clutter so that we can REALLY know, feel, hear ourselves.

(picture: fire ceremony on the beach at sunset, 2015 retreat)

This is all optional. You must, of course, be an active participant in the retreat. We are building energy together, it is a community event. However, you certainly aren’t required to be at everything. If you need solo woods time, I more than understand that 🙂 The events are opportunities, not obligations. There will also be free time for exploring, resting, hiking, and swimming.

Earth Medicine

From the moment you arrive, you’ll be in sacred space. Our lodging will be surrounded in a medicine circle. We’ll have altars to the four directions for you to place items on throughout your stay. We’ll hold multiple fire ceremonies to release the old, and move into YOU. We’ll be living, eating, sleeping, and breathing in sacred space the whole time. A powerful, yet gentle way to reconnect and remember who you are. Nicole will also be leading less-formal ceremonies and other opportunities to learn the ways that she has learned to use nature for healing, visioning, and more.
We’ll be creating altars to each of the four directions – south, west, north, east (and then some).
South – healing, letting go, the inner child, passion, the innocent warrior, the body, the snake, and more
West – facing fears, dream land, woman’s lodge, the witch, emotions, the jaguar, and more
North – elders, trust, wordless ones, guidance, listening, Spirit, the wind, and more
East – new beginnings, vision, eagle, men’s lodge, the mind, and more
You’ll bring objects to add to the altar that you’ll leave there (let go of) and things you’d like to charge up (call in). This will be an opportunity to release what’s not serving you and allow it what will. Nature is wise and will support us on this journey. You’ll also have the collective group energy of LIVING in ceremony all weekend. We’ll be holding ceremony for each of these directions as a way to connect with that energy, learn more about it, and invite it into your life. These are tools you can bring back with you for use in your daily life. Nicole will be lecturing on each of the directions, giving practices from different cultures, and giving you space to experience the directions for yourself.

Kundalini Yoga

Nicole will guide you through a Kundalini Yoga practice in the morning, and afternoon. Kundalini practices will also be centered around the topic/direction we’re working with that day: South: letting go, healing, passion, fire. West: facing fears, dreaming, going to the places that scare us. North: listening, intuition, building trust, opening to the angelic realm. East: vision, projecting out into the future, creating, expanding.

Gong Baths

 At least once a day, you’ll be bathed in the powerful healing sounds of the gong. This vibrational tool adjusts your nervous system, layers of the mind, and subtle bodies to come into deeper alignment. It’s incredibly relaxing and profoundly healing.

(picture below: kundalini yoga in the lodge, 2015 retreat)

Basic Schedule

 subject to slight changes


3pm  –  check in begins, tour the woods, explore, etc
6pm  –  dinner
7:30pm  –  introductions, opening ceremony, meditation, gong healing


8:30am  –  morning Kundalini Yoga + Meditation
10am  –  breakfast
11am  –  exploring the South (ceremony, ritual, play), free time
1pm  –  lunch
2pm  –  exploring the West (ceremony, ritual, play), free time
4:30pm  –  afternoon Kundalini Yoga + Meditation
6pm  –  dinner
7:30pm  –  fire ceremony, ritual


8:30am  –  morning Kundalini Yoga + Meditation
10am  –  breakfast
11am  – exploring the North (ceremony, ritual, play), free time
1pm  –  lunch
2pm  – exploring the East (ceremony, ritual, play), free time
4:30pm  –  afternoon Kundalini Yoga + Meditation
6pm  –  dinner
7:30pm  –  blessing/seed planting ceremony, healing gong bath


8am  –  breakfast
9am  –  closing ceremonies, blessing the land, meditation
10:30am  –  check out

(picture: view from the lodge, overlooking Superior)


 Little Girl’s Point Lodge, a beautiful, secluded, scenic old lodge (built in the 20’s) overlooking the south shore of Lake Superior. Secluded, quiet, hiking trails, and an incredible expanse of shoreline for basking in the sun! Lodging is dormitory style. This ain’t fancy! Bring your sleeping bag as only a mattress is provided. There are multiple rooms that sleep 4-10 people. You may also choose to tent on the property for a little extra privacy. Bring your own tent and bag! Camper trailers and buses are ok too. The cost for the retreat is the same whether you stay in the lodge or camp. There are bathrooms, toilets, but no showers. So you’ll be staying dirty! This is good, as it reminds us how removed from raw nature we have become. Trust me, you’ll love it. And hey, there’s always the lake if you need to rinse off 😉

(picture below: camping on the beach, sunrise over the porcupine mountains, 2015 retreat)

If you know me, you know I am terribly picky about my camp spots. I like secluded spots. No people. Just me and nature. This is one of those spots. There is a campground nearby. But we’re far enough away to have acres and acres to ourselves. The energy of the land is pure, a bit playful, and deeply deeply nourishing. Perfect for retreats like this. After two years of gathering, healing, blessing this land, we’re beginning to create some magic. Land honored in this way remembers those who have walked softly and reverently. Come join the magic.


You’re in for a treat! Meals are all home-cooked, organic, and DELICIOUS. These meals are crafted to support your journey through the weekend. They are made with love, intention, and with healing in mind. Vegetarian, vegan, gluten free options available. All meals are provided. All breakfasts, lunches, and dinners will be provided on Friday and Saturday. Thursday evening dinner when you arrive, and Sunday morning breakfast on the day of departure will also be provided.


Contact Nicole via email to register. You must fill out a waiver. You’ll snail mail this to Nicole (email for address) along with your registration check for the correct amount.


You are responsible for your own transportation. HOWEVER, most participants carpool. We opened up an online forum for everyone to connect with each other in order for them to find a way to the Big Lake. Don’t let transportation stop you from attending!

Refund Policy

No refunds given after 8/1/17. Before 8/1/17, a partial refund of 75% will be given upon the event we are able to fill the spot with another attendee (this is likely). If the retreat is cancelled by Nicole, refunds will be given to all.


Would you like to sponsor someone else’s attendance in this retreat? As we know, many people on earth right now are in need of support and healing. If you have an abundance in the physical realm, please consider getting in touch with Nicole as to how you might be able to sponsor someone who might have the willingness to attend, but unable to afford. Donors are welcome on any level!

This Retreat is not for you if

You want to just “get away”. This is entering into sacred space. You’ll be bringing items to contribute to the altar and ceremonies during the weekend. If you are looking for a traditional retreat for escape purposes, this is not for you. The water and woods of this land are incredibly beautiful, and the restorative energy of that should be basked in!

You need someone to hold your hand. There is deep, sacred energy working during this retreat. You are absolutely held by spirit in boundless, unspeakable ways. However, your mother will not be here. This retreat is meant for people who are inspired by taking their own spiritual process into their hands with gentle guidance from the outside. But ultimately, you are the guru.

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