Kundalini Yoga + Sacred Living:

Love In Cold Places

There is a theme to love stories and myths that come from the cold regions of the world. Life is hard in these places. Surviving requires a closeness to the elements, a deep respect of the natural world. Each person must concern themselves on a daily basis with very basic needs such as food, water, shelter. This isn’t as extreme for those of us living in cities, of course. But it still applies. Living in very cold climates forces you into an awareness of nature. Living in such a harsh climate demands your respect and a constant acknowledgement of your vulnerability. (I know I never leave home without a shovel, blankets, extra gloves, hats, scarves, batteries, coffee cans, matches, etc in my car). This kind of living makes you aware of the very earthy cycles of life. It makes you more a part of earth. It lets you kneel down and kiss the ground. There are many, many millions of people walking around on this earth, who are not really on earth. Don’t be this way. Let yourself become like earth. Even in the winter, there are ways.

Spirit wants nothing more but to touch earth, to kiss earth. To make the unknown, known. To CREATE. This is what animates Spirit. This is what sings flesh onto our bones. So when you have two people who are close to earth, who then enter into union, we have an extraordinary opportunity for entering into communion with the Divine. Spirit is always looking for ways to be birthed into form. Love is a favorite. Human love. The love of Lovers. (Yeah. Capital L.)

In these ancient love myths from cold places, the story goes that two beings of great strength in themselves enter into union. Their individual solidness, like two great oaks, standing side by side, creates a pathway. Heaven to earth, earth to heaven. This allows them a bit of magic. They are granted access to the Soul World.

This is sacred relationship. Both people must be willing. Both hearts must be comfortable with the rhythms of life, attuned to earth.

If this sounds like something your heart craves, lean into the cold. Let it harden you and thicken your neck. The softening is sweet. Lean into the cold because the wind has a way of making it hard to breath. So that when you speak, the words are crystals. Formed beautifully on your lips, each icicle the line of a poem. You will never say too much. Only what’s needed. Lean in closer to the cold. Let it make you aware of the heat on your breath, the heat in your body, the life in your bones. Lean in closer to the cold. It wants to make you sure of what you know. No time for useless doubting. Lean in to the cold. It knows that soul life is a question of life or death. The cold will help you remember, down to your very bones, what is essential. This is what makes you stand tall. This, and an equally tall partner, will bring soul union. Lean in. Lean into the cold. Let it love you.

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