Kundalini Yoga + Sacred Living:

Love Notes

I first met Nicole when I attended my first Kundalini yoga class at One Yoga, the timing of which was profoundly moving. The overwhelming love and grounding of the kriya moved me to tears several times; since then I have continued to attend her classes regularly. Not long after and because I find her energy authentically kind, open, and trustworthy, I began working with her one on one. Her healing work has been instrumental in my personal and spiritual growth over the past year. Our sessions always include a depth, grounding and nurturing quality that is truly unparalleled in comparison to other modalities I use to support myself. She is a true gem in the Twin Cities area.
Working with Nicole you receive a wonderful blend of concrete, actionable steps to take in your life in addition to a more ephemeral, open approach to change and growth. You are sure to introspect, settle more deeply into your true self and in the process awaken and germinate dormant parts of your being.”

-Meg C

I started working with Nicole at a time in my life when I was stuck, as if I had lost my way.  I had abundance in my life – a supportive family, good friends, a loving relationship, enough money, a good job – but didn’t feel like I was on the path I was destined to follow.  Through Nicole’s deep intuition and connection to nature she helps me clear through the weeds and guides me to let the real me emerge. She is a true gem, a very gentle loving soul that provides amazing and powerful energy to guide others to the path they were meant to be on!”

-Michele (works in the corporate world)

“Nicole is deeply intuitive, very healing, knowledgeable and helped show me what my natural gifts are. She has a practice that helps draw out your souls purpose and helps you develop a plan to bring it forth into the world. I would recommend her to anyone and look forward to working with her in the future as she is a joy to work with.”

-Audrey C

“I’ve experienced Nicole as both a teacher and a healer and I’ve known her for a number of years. She is both wise and intuitive and makes use of many modalities and disciplines. What is most impressive is that I believe she uses ALL of her background and experience so she can deal uniquely with each student/client. Nicole is on the path herself and she always accepts her students right where they are in the moment. On top of her knowledge and mastery, she’s one of the most compassionate and sensitive people I’ve met thus far on my path.”

-Mary U

“Nicole is truly an amazing healer and an inspiration to me.  She has helped me to find hope, relief, and courage during the toughest time in my life when suffering from chronic pain and feelings of hopelessness.  She has a natural ability to make you feel comfortable, meaningful, and cared for in her presence.  I participate in her ‘Manifest Your Passion’ program and my life is more meaningful than ever now. Also, I now know I am on the right path in life and enjoying every minute of the journey thanks to Nicole.  I am pain-free, energized, and excited for my future!  I could not have gotten to this happy place without her!  I am very blessed  to have her in my life.”

-Emily J

“Nicole has been a true gem in my world. She has deep knowledge and wisdom, and a beautiful way with words that allows her to impart powerful information in a friendly, practical and approachable way for me. After just one session with her, I uncovered striking realizations that ignited new changes and pushed me farther on my path. I feel inspired, empowered, and ready for new lessons in my life. I am so grateful for her work!”

-Brittain J