Kundalini Yoga + Sacred Living:

Love Yourself, For Real eCourse

March 12 – 19, 2018

Cost: $79

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An eCourse activating the frequency of love in you

♥ self-guided, all online, at your own pace.

♥ cleanse your nervous system of frustration, anger, resentment, grief, apathy, and more using the powerful technology of kundalini yoga + meditation

♥ learn the power of self-blessing, the source of all healing, your own personal reservoir of miracles.

♥ powerful energetic activations and ceremonies awakening the frequency of LOVE in your cells.


♥ making a sacred love vortex

♥ admitting the wound, initial separation from love

♥ creating a self-love altar

♥ applying healing balm – healing anger, correcting the magnetic field to allow love in

♥ releasing the wound, releasing negative thoughts, repatterning the nervous system

♥ self blessing, self healing, healing feelings of abandonment and deep loss

♥ releasing old heartache and heartbreak

♥ resting into the love that surrounds us

We all have limits that we place on the amount of Love we can take in or give away. At some point, due to lack or heartbreak or trauma, we have learned how to function on less. We may have even learned self-loathing, painfully self-destructive tendencies and neuroses on the way. This is not wrong. And it is certainly not beyond the realm of your personal healing. That is what this e-course is for.

We’re living in a time where Love rules. It must rule you. You know this. You’ve been simply surviving for far too long. It is time to start relearning love. It is time to call forth the power of the soul – Love. It starts with you, it’s starts within.

Love Yourself, for Real means no BS. This isn’t airy fairy affirmations (although those can be nice, too). Self-love can feel daunting. “If I don’t even like myself, how can I love myself?!” Sound familiar? With the tools of this e-course, you’ll be creating self love from a cellular, nervous system level. No need to go through the conscious mind. There are too many tricks there and we’ve all gotten too smart for that. This is all levels. This is a complete system upgrade to the vibration of love. For real.

  • Self-guided, all online
  • daily emails full of content, including an extensive ebook to guide your process
  • 7 days devoted to cleansing your grid of frustration, anger, resentment, grief, apathy, and more.
  • 7 topics cultivating self love and self-forgiveness
  • 7 practice videos & self-love activations
  • 7 abundant opportunities to fall in love. With yourself. With totality.
  • 1 group call – a dynamic, powerful, intuitive, guided by the cosmos energetic clearing and upgrade
  • online forum (facebook)

An upgrade to your cosmic self-love grid

Clear anger from your system.
Forgive yourself, forgive others, forgive the universe.
Call in the force of Divine Love.
Re-learn the power of self-blessing. This is the source of all healing.
Cultivate your ability to see the Divine in others.
Fall. In. Love. With. All of it.
Remember your worth.

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This ecourse offers us an choice to continue viewing love as something we give and get, rather than something we ARE. Love is a flow, a current. You are already in it. It’s time to remember. This memory that YOU ARE LOVE is buried in your cells. Through a combination of Kundalini Yoga & Meditation, ceremony practices, and more, we’ll activate the vibration of LOVE.

It doesn’t matter what stories you’ve told yourself about what is possible for you. MIRACLES are possible. It is time for to allow yourself to be the miracle, to see deeply into your heart of hearts, and fall in love with all you find.

We’ll work from the physical to the subtle, no part left out. Self love has to be total, or it’s ineffective and unreal. The world is shifting. We must shift with it. This powerful ecourse offers an opportunity to align ourselves more fully with this ocean of love. It’s no longer a choice. The matter of surrendering to our essence has become the difference between sinking and swimming.

Kundalini Yoga

You’ll be guided (via video + ebook) through powerful Kundalini practices that uproot self-destructive tendencies from the nervous system. Much of our patterning against self-love resides in the nervous system. With these powerful meditations, you’ll have tools to shift your love grid at the cellular level! These are the kinds of practices that reach down into the spaces where self-affirmations do not go. We’re moving beyond the conscious realm and into the subconscious and unconscious realms where we hold so many of our self-limiting beliefs.

Energy Work

This is reportedly the most powerful aspect of these e-courses. The powerful group energy, combined with some serious space holding by Nicole have created some life-changing results in past participants. It’s magic. Energy does not know time or space. From the moment you register, you are placed on Nicole’s altar. This allows an opening for you. An opening into a fuller version of you. An opening that can catapult your growth to the next level.


How will this work?
Starting on March 12th, you’ll receive an email inviting you to the Online Portal. This portal contains all your course resources. From here, you can download your eBook and watch videos. Every day of the course, you’ll have a portion of the eBook to read through (2-3 pages) and you’ll also receive a practice video guiding you through a Kundalini meditation for that day.

How much time to I need to devote to this?
Ideally, you’d spend about an hour each day with this material. Some days, it will be less, some days more. But better to budget for a bit more time to really soak it in.

What if I’m not available during the dates of the course? Would it make sense for me to still participate?
Yes! You can do this course anytime. You’ll have access to the full course for a year. The course was certainly designed around the eclipse. However, it will still be a powerful experience any time of year. Trust your own timing.

When is the group call? How long is it? What can I expect?
The group energy clearing call is on Monday, March 19th from about 4-5pm. If you cannot attend the live call, you’ll be emailed a recording of the call so you can participate in your own time. Before the call, Nicole will attune to the group energy and create a custom ceremony. This ceremony will be to help clear any energies blocking your self-love. We’ll end with a love activation. You’ll need a crystal for this.

What do I need to participate in the course?

  • a computer or smartphone to view the videos (all on youtube)
  • internet connection
  • 30-60 minutes a day to dedicate to the practices
  • a space where you can meditate, uninterrupted

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