Kundalini Yoga + Sacred Living:

Nectar of the Goddess: A Women’s Spirit + Sex Immersion

Nectar of the Goddess

Friday 4/27, 5-7pm
Saturday 4/28, 1-5pm
Sunday 4/29, 1-5pm

$275 regular price, $250 early bird price

Yoga Center of Minneapolis


Join Nicole for this luxurious immersion combining kundalini yoga + meditation with ancient tantric sexual energy practices. This weekend long experience is for women seeking integration between the spiritual and sexual, cellular level self-love that radiates from within, innate & earth quaking self-healing capacities awakened, or more pleasure & bliss in the body this luscious immersion is made for you.

Held in a space of love, acceptance and safety, we’ll cover three topics: Sexual Energy as Healer, Restoring Love in the Body, and Pleasure as Enlightenment Elixir. We’ll have a day to dive in to each topic through lecture, self-reflection, ritual, kriyas, breathwork, mantra, mudra, and meditation. Take home practices will also be given as suggestions to do to bring these practices home and allow your cells to drink in the Nectar of the Goddess. This is a full-being experience, every part of you is welcome in this space.

On the first day, we will dive into the kundalini/tantric view of sexual energy as the most powerful healing force in existence. Learn how you may have cut off from this unlimited medicine, what conditions can block it, and how to open the flow of this energy once again! The ancients knew well that this bright, radiant elixir of health was the secret to a long, vital, happy life. Learn how to tap the sexual energy and channel it towards healing the entire body.

During the second day, we’ll explore the theme of Restoring Love in the Body. Women are often conditioned to be givers. We are not conditioned to fill up, truly fill up with the healing vibrations of love, and give from overflow. In this session, we will experience revolutionary practices to shift us out of compulsive patterns that keep us feeling depleted, angry, in self loathing, heartbroken, or cut off from our deep sources of power. We’ll also learn how to tap the arcline – the infinite power of love and prayer in the body. Heal your own heart. Experience ancient yogic techniques that let you hold a prayer and beam it into infinity.

On the final day, we’ll experience Pleasure as Enlightenment Elixir. The tantric view is that feminine pleasure in the body is equivalent to bringing heaven to earth. Yes, any and all pleasure. In this session, we’ll explore practices to open the flow of sexual energy through the body where it’s been blocked for any reason. We’ll open to that sacred flowing nectar and the felt sense of radiance in the flesh. You glow. According to the yogis, sexual energy IS kundalini. This powerful force, channeled through the entire chakra system and beyond, brings ultimate liberation. Tap this pure potential sexual energy that is your birthright, your power, your ecstasy.

You must register for the entire weekend to attend. Each module builds on the one before it. Sacred space will be built together in a community of women. This commitment creates the safety necessary to feel comfortable to dive into these deeper waters together.

No experience necessary. Any and all experience levels are encouraged to attend. All practices are invitations. You are absolutely not required or expected to participate in anything you do not want to. You’re in charge of your experience.

This is a fully clothed, safe space to practice awakening this feminine force. There will be deeper holistic sexual practices given to try in the privacy of your home, where you feel most comfortable. This is an invitation for this to be the beginning of your ongoing journey sipping the nectar of the Goddess. Ample take home tools will be give on how to incorporate these practices into your daily life, creating even deeper level healing, pleasure, and health in your sacred temple!