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New Year Firecrackers

I’ve never been able to do lukewarm. I’ve never been satisfied with half-hearted loves. I can’t stay for too long in the company of those who never pop like firecrackers for anything, who never let their hearts be swallowed by love or truth or art or the wind. I can’t do work that doesn’t call my whole Self forward. I haven’t yet been able to settle for anything less than a life I can fall in love with.

Sometimes I forget, and fall off track, and try to squeeze myself into a life that is smaller. I build cages. The world shrinks and becomes dangerous, unknown, and unsupportive. This is only when I accept the tepid, the less-than-exquisite life, the old stories I hear told around me.

I have been thinking about this a lot with the coming new year. How do I want to walk into 2015? It feels to me like the beginning of this year is an epic time to recommit to my course, to make HUGE leaps in development (work, love, career, healing, whatever). It feels like a time to be bold. The Universe is sending us big waves of energy. This energy can fuel our dreams and lift us higher than we could go on our own. We are being showered with it right now. But this energy isn’t really interested in being sweet and tender. It can sweep us clear of those decaying fixtures we cling to, fighting tooth and nail if we wish. We’ll all ultimately get where we need to go. Our choice is how quick and graceful do we want to bloom?

This is an opportunity to shout into the wind. “Be bold and mighty forces will come to your aid” (Basil King). What great life do you want to be lifted into? What tribe do you want to call home? What love do you want to radiate? Claim it now.

Forget what your story has been this year, or for years, or even decades. We are capable of immense change in quick time right now. Just drop it. It’s old news. So 2014.

There is a need for fullness. For claiming your bright vision for the future, for your world, for yourself. What lights your heart? What makes you pop like a firecracker? Set yourself on that course this week.

The Universe longs for you to come fully alive. Be hot. Be bold. Be bright. Take your place in the circle. There is immense support around you the moment you take the first leap. Fly!

I’ve been dreaming big for the year and years to come. Like, really big. I’m mousing away and building the structure underneath to support my big visions. That’s the key. Dream big, reach up, but have the physical world support to hold the immensity of your dreams. We need both. If you’re needing help with the underlying support OR the dreaming big, consider booking a private with me.

Another tool I’ve found essential in shifting the way I think about possibility in my life is Kundalini Yoga (of course). I’m teaching a workshop on Saturday, January 3rd geared towards re-patterning the neural pathways in your brain. Kundalini Yoga for a Clear Heart and Body. We’ll be working on neuroplasticity and your ability to shift the way you think about your life and what you view as possible. Set a new course for the new year, for your great life…


  1. Peg Curtiss says:

    Nicole, this is wonderfully written and makes me think about the changes I want to make in my own life for 2015. I’ve spent the past several months reviewing and decluttering and it feels so good but there’s more to do. Thanks for the inspiring message, you have a beautiful soul

  2. Nicole Nardone says:

    hi peg! thanks so much for the feedback 🙂 you’re so welcome! blessings to you for a beautiful 2015!

  3. willow says:

    Thank you for the resounding echo that the magic of popping like fireworks, and the enraptured joy that nature, can bring. Those are the most free and wild for me, like planting a seed to remember totality of my being, and the preciousness of those fully embodied moments. You blog is inspiring! Thank you.

    • Nicole Nardone says:

      beautifully said! i’m so happy you’ve found inspiration here. thanks for reading! and happy free & wild new year <3

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