Kundalini Yoga + Sacred Living:

Private Sessions

Nicole has been learning energy work since she was a child. Energy is a second language to her. She can read your physical, mental, emotional, and more subtle energy fields to see into the roots of many obstacles. Using a variety of techniques learned in formal and informal training, she helps you clear, transmute, or organize this energy in a way that allows you to fully live. Nicole’s unique, one of a kind energy work style is powerful, to the root, and compassionate. She empowers you with follow up practices to maintain the benefits of your session long after. Energy work may include sacred ceremony, soul retrieval, guided meditations, hands on work, psychic blueprint work, animal medicine, and more.

Using her innate intuitive gifts, Nicole can assess what is working, what isn’t, and why. Getting to the root of an issue in order to empower you. These sessions are a cooperative effort to get you tuned in to your own inner knowing, your own wisdom. Nicole can act as support in affirming and clarifying answers, but it is you who does the uncovering. These sessions can be used for guidance in personal, spiritual, physical, business, and other matters. Nicole is fully present, with you, all of you, with great and reverent compassion. Come as you are.

Combining all her tools and gifts, Nicole may tailor a yoga or meditation practice based on your intentions, goals, desires. Interested in deepening your Kundalini practice or starting up a profound personal practice? These sessions can also be helpful in working through specific issues that have energetic or emotional origins. Sometimes we all need a little perspective and support on our journey. We aren’t meant to do this work alone. Nicole may also weave the personal and professional together in your session if you have a business (especially in the healing/yoga industry) that you are needing some intuitive guidance on.

This where I get to use all the tools I have to support your journey. It’s the best. I weave together intuitive work, energy work, coaching, kundalini yoga/meditation, and more. We work together to dive deep into your path, remove obstacles, and pull forth the gems, treasures, and learning from them. It is empowering, vitalizing, and roots you back into the essence of your soul. This work is POWERFUL, mysterious, and guided by Spirit.

This work can be used for a variety of things:

  • desiring deeper alignment with your truth, deeper connection to Spirit
  • improving your intuition, learning to hear it, trust it, and act on it
  • clearing energetic blocks from this lifetime or others, deep karmic clearing
  • creating your own kundalini yoga and/or meditation practice
  • learning more about your own energetic system and makeup, understanding your unique system, learning how to maximize what you were given, and kindly improve on your weaknesses
  • reclaiming power, reclaiming confidence, resting deeply into the innate power of the soul – this aids in breaking old habits or patterns that have become addictive, abusive, self-sabotaging
  • healing wounds around intimacy, love, relationships
  • so much more

*** All sessions can be done in person or via Skype ***

Single Sessions

  • 90 minute one on one session


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  • Six 90 minute one on one sessions
  • email support in between sessions
  • extra energetic space holding to amplify your work

$950 (payment plans available)

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Would you like to sponsor someone else’s session? As we know, many people on earth right now are in need of support and healing. If you have an abundance in the physical realm, please consider getting in touch with Nicole as to how you might be able to sponsor someone who might have the willingness to do this work, but unable to afford. Donors of any level are welcome and appreciated!

No refunds given on private sessions or packages. In order to maintain the integrity of this work, to maintain equal commitment to the process, no refunds are given.