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Returning to Love

The truth is, love is all around us. We are made of love. We return to love. There is nothing but love. That’s what all the wisest sages, saints, yogis, and dogs say. Love is the fiber of our Universe. “It’s the cause and effect of all things”, as Rumi would say.

But alas, we are human beings. We forget these love-truths. Being a human can be very tricky. We get distracted. We become enchanted by all kinds of things that make us feel good for a moment, then worse later. Essentially, we leave the home of our hearts. We leave the awareness that love is everywhere. We do it because it’s what humans do. Unfortunately, this starts to make us feel sad, lonely, disconnected, and/or less alive.

Once we slip into that momentary amnesia, that little forgetting of our true nature, we miss love. It’s still here. It hasn’t gone anywhere. Our vision is just momentarily clouded. We look in all the wrong places. We think it is in that person or “wait, no, this person!” We say, “maybe this new job will give it to me” or “maybe if I act in this way, someone will notice and truly love me”. We are looking so hard for love that we miss it. Our vision narrows and we can no longer see the light of love shining from every direction.

I’ve been through more of these momentary amnesias than I’d like to admit. I’ve had blinders on for good portions of my life. Each return home is sweeter and sweeter. Each melting back into love feels deeper and more real.

Where are you seeking? What are you reaching for that seems just outside of your grasp?

I always like to ask myself the question, “isn’t it true that _____ is already here?” If it’s love, I ask myself if it’s actually true that love doesn’t already exist here. I lay my hands over my heart, tune in to the parts of me that are needing love, and then genuinely ask my bigger Self, “isn’t it true that love is already here?” The answer is always a resounding YES.

If any part of this process is challenging for you, let’s talk. You deserve, as much as anyone, to feel the fullness of love, to return to your heart-home.

Happy Valentine’s Day, from my heart to yours.

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