Kundalini Yoga + Sacred Living:


I like to think I’m in control. I like to think I know what I want, where I’m going, and how I’m going to get there. I like to think I have control over this living, breathing creature that is my life. I like to think I’m the one riding it. I hold the reigns. I also like to think I have the long view, that I can see what’s ahead, what roads are best to take. To a certain point, I suppose some of this is true. I do have long range vision (read: intuition). But I’m being reminded lately that really truly, I don’t know sh*t.

The earth, my life, the lives of others, the tides of my community; all have rhythms that are deep and lasting. They were here before I came, and they’ll continue pulsing long after I go. The ebbs and flows of our world are so ancient, so profound, that it takes some serious hiking to get a clear view. We can’t see them from our daily, squirreled lives. We’re too busy collecting nuts, doing laundry, making phone calls to notice. And that’s ok. Sometimes it’s good to be a squirrel. Someone’s gotta bury those oak seeds. What forrest would we have without them?

But these rhythms we loose sight of, loose a feel of when we’re doing our work, down on the ground, hands in the mud – these are they rhythms that make us. And truthfully, all our scurrying is part of the rhythm. We are part of the inhales and exhales the earth makes. All our actions take place because of everyone else’s actions. There is no separateness here. We, humanity, life, the squirrels, we’re all one big, living, breathing creature.

I’ve let go into this rhythm recently; mostly because I had no choice. I gave up trying to control the rhythm of my own life. I gave up trying to sync my flow to one that felt old and dried up. And i tell you, things have been blooming. Where there were dead ends, are now wide open, sunny streets. But, I’m still practicing.

Drop down into the deeper rhythms of your life. There is wisdom, clarity, and compassion there. The earth has a heartbeat and a voice. Be silent, listen, let her call you back into pace. Follow the wisdom of your body. Our bodies are made from earth-stuff. Each of our cells carries a soft ear for life-rhythms. Tune these ears, let your wise body stretch with abandon.

This will be the underlying theme of all my classes in the next week or so. Join me and get synced up.

Beat-ful Blessings,

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