Kundalini Yoga + Sacred Living:

Rising With The Light

The Summer Solstice always bring a grand dose of light. A burst, a flashpoint, a brilliance. We receive insights, clearings, powerful surges of fire to burn away the old and dead. It’s intense. And now we are left to sort through what is left, what is falling, what is rising, and what is sacred (all of it).

This year, the Summer Solstice brought with it a powerful full moon and a rising of the kundalini energy itself, that energy of our raised consciousness, our pure awareness, our most primal knowing and being is RISING, whether we like it or not. This primal energy lives in the earth, in all things. It is pulsing through the clouds, as lightening, through the dark roots of oak trees, through the bright green filaments of every leaf. If you are still enough, often enough, you will see that everything pulses with primal wisdom, with kundalini, all the time.

And it is rising. Everything is becoming more sacred. Our words mean more. Our actions have greater impact. Our thoughts create waves that crystalize into solid statues of belief that we nail to the earth and continue to fight wars for, imprinted on the surface of the earth for generations to come. Our thoughts do not need to make wars. Our thoughts can break chains, can make love, can liberate, can concentrate with other thoughts to change the course of history. What are you creating? What we are, what we think, what we do, how we are matter. Perhaps more than ever.

When this energy rises, it takes everything with it. What is ancient and real in you will rise. Your heart songs will amplify, your voice will rise without you even thinking about it. It’s as if someone is saying words with your mouth. They’re not. That’s your ancient, knowing soul, sweetheart. And what you are grasping too tightly will also rise. Your knuckles will whiten and you will cry out in pain because the pressure is too much. No one should hurt this much. Yes, the rising isn’t always pretty. So let go. Hook yourself to the people, the practices, the communities that lift you. We’re all out of time to spend wallowing in pain. It’s time for us to heal, to be together, to love.

There is a mantra meditation in Kundalini Yoga that can align all your parts to this rising energy.

EK (one) ONG (creation) KAR (creator)
SAT (truth) NAM (name/identity) SIRI (great)
WAHE (wow) GURU (wisdom)

This mantra (and meditation linked below) plugs you deeply into the energy of this force, into oneness. It plants you into the most essential part of you, that pulsing consciousness that moves through all things. This is the truest form of security there is. When you are deeply connected to the primal wisdom of the Universe, all of creation has your back. You’ve just got to lean back into it. This meditation not only roots you into your essential life, it names your specific place in it all. The Universe is a wide place. It’s difficult to know what part you have to play in the lifting, in the rising. What are my gifts to give? What do I have to offer? How can I be of service? The second part of this mantra answers that. Sat Nam Siri. This is my great truth. This is my unique space in the web that I must occupy with all the energy I can, with all the presence and realness I can. The last part of this mantra: Wahe Guru, is a mantra of ecstasy, bliss. It says that there is no greater bliss a human can know that feeling this connection to all of life, and knowing your place in it. This is why we came here, to experience God in these bodies, in these minds, in this existence.

I’ve been meditating with this mantra for about two months. What I sense is a rising up in me of all that I came here to be. There is a deep joining with all of existence, and a surrender to my place in all of it. The mantra hooks you in to that great creative pulse of existence. Soon you notice that all of creation is simply singing this same song. Everything alive is wildly alive and dancing swinging reeling with creative potential.

I think if we are to create a new world to live in, it must be rooted in this union, this sense of connection to all things. It’s the only real security. It’s the only real work. Everything else is just show. When our words, actions, thoughts, love comes from this deep space of knowing, we are free. We allow others to be free.

If you’d like to practice a meditation with this mantra, click here for instructions. I chant along with music. “Long Ek Ong Kar Chant” by Gurusangat Singh & Gurucharan Singh is where it’s at (found on iTunes).

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