Kundalini Yoga + Sacred Living:

Spring Equinox & Solar Eclipse Love Blessing

Every pull draws us to the ocean.

We are built for lives of longing. We have eyes to see beauty so rich we weep. And eyelids for shutting, leaning against the magic of the unseen. We have sleeping for leaping into the mystery of dreaming. And for constructing new worlds of beauty. We have hearts like drums to tell us when we are getting closer, closer to love. And we have legs. We have feet. We have arms to carry us across land and water. Closer to the objects of our desire. We are machines of miracles, placed together in this jungle so that we can leap, hop, and sprint towards love. Towards connection. Towards what makes us come fully alive. That is all there is.

I don’t mean the tiny flickers of pleasure that come from sweets or small delights that leave us hungover and cold in a few hours, or the next day. I’m talking about the pull that magnetizes us towards the craft, the poems, the practice that helps us arrive in ourselves. The being or doing that lights each cell as if it were a star.

Pay attention to what pulls within. These are your maps to freedom. These are your signs. People ask over and over again for signs outside to come in. You are absolutely filled with signs. Your body is made of signs. It is all here for the taking. You just need to hear it.

Sometimes we don’t want to answer the call of the pull. The ocean is vast. What if I have to jump in!? Will I sink or swim!? That’s scary. Or we think we are imagining the pull in our chests. It’s unreasonable. It’s unfathomable. It’s wild. It’s crazy. It’s daring and bold and all the things that feel like the rug is being pulled out from under me!

And the truth is, we will always have the rug pulled out from underneath us at least a few times in our lives. No good life goes with out a few shakes, eruptions, explosions. A safe, timid life is no way to go.

So why not choose the shake up? Why not choose to plunge into the ocean? I have found that when I act timid. when I shy away from the wild call, the crazy call, the desire that seems too big, too good, too delicious, the Universe swoops in to shake me up anyhow. And often, not in pleasant ways. But when I am bold, to match the Universe, I choose the shaking. I choose to leap. It’s still scary as sh*t. But I have chosen. I am whipping wildly along the winds of my love, my chosen desire, my heart’s pull. And then, even amidst the chaos, I feel the wind of love beneath me. I know that at least I have that longing ache in my heart. I always know what way to go.

These are the calls to answer. These are the calls to live your life by. The more desperate and clear the call. Meaning – the more vivid the vision, the more intense the fire in your heart – the more imperative it is you listen. That’s your call home. There’s not going to be a right time. There’s not going to be a time when you’re all ready and comfortable and set to go. It’s now.

And at least for now, let your running after it be soft. Maybe let it be only by moonlight. Only at night. Let your call back be a soft, loving whisper. “I see you, I’m coming”, can be just what’s needed. No need to rip off chains just yet, unless that’s what is needed. Sometimes that’s what’s needed. A sinking into the acknowledgement of a heart’s pull can be incredibly powerful.

This year, the Spring Equinox, new moon, and solar eclipse all fall on the same day – Friday, March 20th. It’s a powerful time, a dreamy time, a time to move in new directions. Soft or bold. Or both, preferably. We’re waking from winter. We’re exiting the cave of dreams. Gather yours around you. What love pulls you? What dreams have been incubating? It’s time to give them wings. It’s time to go in search of nourishment for them.

There’s a good chance you’re seeing many of your dreams, many of your hopes, your loves, your joys align. Dots are connecting. A web is being woven. Trust it. Use this powerful time to infuse your intentions with love. All is possible in the realm of love.

I’d love to weave my web with yours, if it suits you. I’m giving a special gong bath Kundalini class this Friday. More info here. Please join me.

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  1. Laura Christine says:

    Sounds like the Islands are calling you…. ❤️

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