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Summer Lake Secrets

This time of year the lakes are very generous. They are spilling over with life. If you sit with one long enough, and with a good heart, they give out dreams and medicine and secrets of the Universe. It has to be the right lake. Your lakes know how to sort out the sun, to make the translation in the way you need it done.

We can’t stare directly into the sun, we’ll go blind. But the sun holds the secrets this time of year. It’s good to lean as close as you can, when you can, to that Source.

A lake is one way. Their bodies stretch bare under the sky, drinking golden filaments as if bottomless. Gulps of golden nectar into black water seem to disappear, but are really being digested, sorted through, alchemized, loved well and long. Fire and water. A recipe for magic.

Watch for long enough and you can see, hear, taste, smell the lake and sky yearning for each other. They make calls to each other in between the winds like prayers emptied of words. Just echoes of sounds that have not happened yet. There is a magic place in between that love.

We are too small, too human, too fragile and young to drink it all in. And we should absolutely try to drink it all in. Walk out to where you cannot touch the bottom, to where the lake gets to hold you. The magic place. Where sun will translate what does not make sense about the water, and the lake will translate what does not make sense about the light. And you will suddenly know what needs knowing, be what needs being, and be so silent you can hear the wordless prayers like wind. Magic on your skin.

I want to share a dream the lake gave me recently as it relates to the Summer Solstice.

We each carry bundles, visible or invisible, known or unknown. A collection of our medicine collected thus far on our journey through the stars. Just like we collect vases or stones or bones or coins. This collection is of our lessons, our life lived, our loves, our griefs, our hard fought battles (lost and won). Everything.

Many people make this conscious, carrying an actual physical bundle as a healing tool. A stone to represent a reclamation of power. A wolf tooth to remember that things are not always as they appear and we should trust our instincts. A sphere or rose quartz to mark the quest to unconditional love that began many lifetimes ago.

Sometimes we pick up things in our bundles that we do not know the meaning of. Sometimes things just happen. We like the look of that metal heart we found on the beach somewhere in Oregon. Or the scrap of wood that was lying on the ground when we knelt to cry prayers along the bank of the Great River. Sometimes there are things in our bundles that we have not named. We have not marked with an object or coherent thought, but are there nonetheless. We collect things that do not make sense. Life after all has a way of continuing with or without us. There is the scar from the time we leapt and did not think about the distance to earth below our knees. Or the many, many scars from mistakes past, present, and future. We carry so, so much in these bundles of life, of magic, of medicine.

Lay your bundle out to the light. The sun will have what’s needed. No matter what you are holding. The questions, the doubts, the mistrusts, the heaviness or shame or malice. The sun will have it for you. Exactly what you need. Carefully unfurl the edges of this bundle. It does not have to be to anyone just yet. Just the sun. Lay back the corners of it’s frayed edges lovingly, timidly. Turn over the stones and bones and skins of your life. Let the sun bake them into being, into knowing, into returning. There is nothing else to do right now. Life will keep on living. And so will you. It has been your job to collect what is in this bundle. And another season will bring other work. But for now, lay all you blessed parts to the sky to be kissed, to be known, to be loved by honeyed nectar of sun.

Join me for Treasures of Light: A One Day Summer Solstice Retreat on June 17th to mine more of these gems of the season, to tap your own wisdom, to drink in the blessings that surround you now.

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