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The Giveaway

Giving opens us. Giving clears us out for new delights. It creates a vacuum. The Universe abhors a vacuum. It will rush to fill it. When we give from the deepest place, the place that knows there is never any risk of loosing what is essential, we know freedom. When giving is real, we feel an opening like the rush of warm rain through our body. And we know that the cloud from which that rain has come will never dry. Because when we are open and giving from a place of real, deep fullness; giving is the gift.

The season of giving is upon us. The subject of the ‘giveaway’ has come up in many different contexts for me. This idea is ancient and spans across many ancient cultures. It’s something I like to do often, as the Spirit moves it.

A ‘giveaway’ is a ritual we do in order to uplift ourselves and others. It is based on the idea that we are interconnected. What I do to another, I do to myself. There is no disconnection here. I see that if I harm that tree or if I say something hurtful to another person, I hurt myself. And who wants to suffer? Likewise, when I give to anyone, I give to myself. When I open myself and give to another heart, something from my heart, we are both filled. No one is hungry anymore.

In my experience, giveaways have changed me. They change your relationship with the other person. They bypass petty differences and old hurts. Giveaways have the power to connect deeply to the soul of another person. They move you through karmas and ancient patterns. In short, powerful sh*t!

How to do it: What’s important in the giveaway is the energy behind it. You can give anything away. My favorite things to give away are rocks. (Many family, friends, and clients can attest to this.) I like to pick out a special stone and set an intention for it. Stones are ancient and wise and can carry vibration well. So you may decide to select a special stone, set an intention (for healing, love, clarity, etc) and gift it to someone. Meditate with the stone. Infuse it with that energy of gifting. Connect to that deep space in you that wants to give, that openness in the heart. Infuse the stone with that energy by holding it close to you or breathing into it. Then give the stone away!

I’d like to know how this goes for you. Tell me what and whom you gave away. How did you feel during and/or afterwards? Are you feeling some resistance in opening your heart? Is something keeping you from truly feeling fullness? Contact me, I can help.

Happy Giving, Beautiful Hearts!

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