Kundalini Yoga + Sacred Living:

Treasures of Light: A One Day Summer Solstice Retreat

Summer Solstice Kundalini

Saturday, June 17th ~ 10am-5pm

COST: $155 if registered on or before 6/15, $173 if registered after

LOCATION: Theodore Wirth Park (Minneapolis) + Surrounding Area

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Connect to Spirit through the natural world
Call in guidance, vision, and healing
Reconnect to your innate vitality and joy
Surrender to the ever-moving current of gratitude
Offer thanks and praise
Send up prayers and intentions for this next cycle
Bask in the radiance of this Summer Solstice

Immerse yourself in the powerful energy of the Summer Solstice. This time of year, the solar energy is at its height. Life is brimming with abundance and we get to be grateful. Big, bold, bright, expansive. If we can align with this potent time of year, we can give our dreams, our visions, our prayers magnified light. We can nourish what is held deeply in our hearts. This is powerful time to dream the world we wish to live in into being. The Summer Solstice is a time to gather in community, to pause, to remember what is sacred, to remember why we are here, give thanks, and hold our prayers up to the big sky together.

This event will take place entirely outdoors – rain or shine! Using the natural world as our playground, we’ll be moving around Theodore Wirth Park (in Minneapolis), visiting various sacred sanctuaries amongst the trees and water. Nicole will guide experiences in connecting to the energy of the four directions using the magic of the natural world. We’ll make altars, create offerings, do ceremony, and make prayers to each of the four directions. We’ll make living altars on earth! This is a way to communicate with the spirit realm, ask for guidance, and offer gratitude. If you’ve taken other workshops, ecourses, etc, this work will build on that. If you have no experience with the four directions, this will be a wonderful introduction.

We’ll practice Kundalini Yoga and Meditation throughout the day on the green earth and under the bright Solstice sky. Practices will be geared towards clearing out the subconscious, balancing the nervous system, and healing. We’ll also practice meditations for offering our gratitude and stepping into the stream of JOY that’s available this time of year!

All practices are geared towards mining the treasures of light within, using nature as a mirror. This day will be woven by what is present in the woods and what is present in who shows up. There will be an emphasis on gratitude, abundance, and giving thanks for what is here so we can be open to more of what is sweet in life 🙂

The South ~ We’ll connect to what brings us vitality, life, energy, and sweetness. Healing.
The West ~ We’ll confront, heal, and make peace with difficult emotion. Forgiveness.
The North ~ We’ll listen deeply to what the Spirits are saying to us. Trust.
The East ~ We’ll open to the vision that is wanting to be lived through us. Love.

At the end of the day, we create a group mandala and healing circle where we will have an opportunity to offer gratitude to the land and speak our prayers into a supportive space (if we wish).

What to bring (further details given upon registration):
-pen, paper
-bug spray
-a blanket or mat to sit on if you want
-water bottle (there will be water stations)

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Once registered (paid through PayPal), you’ll receive an email confirmation from Nicole with details on the event (where to meet, what to bring, etc.).

Please Note:

This event will happen rain or shine. You will get dirty. We will be sitting, laying, rolling around on the ground. Dress accordingly. This event will unfold as the day goes along. An exact itinerary is not available. We are on the adventure together, guided by nature. We’re here to see what Spirit has in store for us.

Cancellation Policy:

Full payment holds your spot. Partial refunds ranted on or before 6/3. You’ll be charged a $30 processing fee for cancellations. After 6/3, 50% refund will be granted, minus the $30 processing fee. No credit will be given for further workshops or events. No refunds given within 48 hours. Thank you for understanding. Due to the nature of this event, and sustainability of one-woman small business, we’ve had to take on a more strict cancellation policy.