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Wahe Guru

When it feels like everything is changing, nothing stands still, or that there is no solid ground to stand on, where can you find a sense of stability? When you’re faced with those inevitable moments in life that remind you that nothing, nothing is permanent, how do you find comfort? What can you sink in to and know to be true? For me, the answer has always been simple: Spirit.

Spirit, God, Sacredness, call it whatever you want: to me, it’s real. At times, it has felt like the only thing that is solid. This seems strange since it’s such an esoteric, indefinable thing. However, in some of the darkest, most lonely moments of my life, this sense of Spirit holding me has always been reachable. If I close my eyes and ask my deep self, “what is real?” I can watch most things in this world fall away with ease, and Spirit is the essence left illuminating it all.

This sense gives me comfort in the deepest sense. It’s not a temporary comfort of knowing that I’ll have a warm place to sleep tonight, or water to drink tomorrow. It’s not the comfort of knowing that my loved ones are safe and near enough to hug. I’m talking about the kind of comfort that stands beneath all of that. It’s sense that even if all these other comforts should fall away, it would be softly standing beneath them all. It’s a sense that comes from knowing that I’m connected to all things. That’s what Spirit is.

Lately, I’ve been having trouble connecting to this essence. It happens. I’d been feeling disconnected, alone, sad, and aimless. So this is what I did: I chanted Wahe Guru. Wahe Guru is one of my “go-to” mantras in Kundalini Yoga to use when I don’t know what else to do. I chant it when I’ve reached my limits, when things feel so far gone that every move seems hopeless. I also simply chant it when I just don’t know what exactly I need, but I know I need something.

Wahe Guru reminds you of who you REALLY are. It reminds you of your goodness, your power, your beauty, your love. It reminds you to see all those qualities reflected back to you in the world around you. It immediately connects you to all things. The truth is, this mantra is already vibrating in all the cells of your body. It’s already there. When you chant this mantra out loud, it’s like an invitation to Spirit to COME IN! When you chant Wahe Guru over and over again, it’s like an alarm call to the Divine. Believe me, Spirit wants to help.

If you want to play along at home, find a song version* of this mantra that you like and chant along for 3-11 mins. Allow the mantra to wash through you. Give all your worries, all your fears, all your straining to this mantra. Allow yourself to hook in to the mantra and let it pull you forward into expansion, bliss, growth, whatever your soul is calling for. I’ve been feeling this mantra like a big, white stallion. I chain myself to the mantra and chant, chant, chant. I let the power of the mantra pull me from whatever blocks, whatever doubts, whatever fears my mind is caught up in.

Finish by laying down, putting your hands over your heart, and letting yourself rest for a moment. Let yourself be in complete silence. Let yourself be truly held by Spirit. It’s all around.

(*Music Note: I love Nirinjan Kaur’s version called “Ether Tattva Waheguru Mantra” which can be found on iTunes.)

Enjoy and Wahe Guru,

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