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Equinox & Libra New Moon Love Blessing

We are made to connect. Our fingers meant to lace up the spaces between anothers’. Our heads meant to rest in the empty curve of a neck. We’re here to rip open our chests and bare what is most sacred. We must tell each other of the things that make us feel most alone. We must be so brave that we let another in on our secrets, the ones that feel immense like being stranded in miles of desert with no hope for a well.

There is nothing more sacred than bearing witness to the naked soul of another, and being naked ourselves. Nothing. But this is often scary stuff.

As the new Libra moon approaches and the Equinox passes, assessing relationships are at the top of our soul’s priorities. Libra yearns to feel connection in all things. It begs us to come closer to the warmth of our kin, closer to our lover, and closer to the hearth of community. We are feeling the many ways in which we are in relationship.
Loving, really loving another being, we are swallowed up. We are meant to stay close to the fire. We are meant to press our golden faces to the heat and drink it’s light. There is no point to half-hearted loving. If it’s the right partner, the right friend, the right community, as Rumi says,

“Gamble everything for love, if you’re a true human being. If not, leave this gathering.”

A heart that is wide as the sky, will never know real death. We are all afraid of loosing. And so, we are all afraid of loving. But it’s the gripping that causes the loosing. If we can widen our hearts so big as to reach the stars, we can even love death. We can invite it in.

Pieces of us will die, like shooting stars. We will lose lovers.
Leaves will drop. We will lose mothers.
Trees will fall and become food. We will lose fathers.
Summer flowers will wilt and loose their color to become compost.
We will lose the ones we hold dearest.
Winter’s blanket will silence us. We will grieve.

Snow melts and pushes spring forward. It will feel like the first spring of our lives, all over again. We will swear the sun has never been brighter. We will say the fields have never been more beautiful. We will see a lily and think how we never noticed it’s radiant shade of orange. The world will open even wider than before. We will see what we could not see before.

We will have babies and grand babies. We will land in the deeper, fuller, sweeter arms of new loves. We will happen upon forests of friends that feel lifetimes old. We will see old faces in new light and fall in love with the world again. We will taste sweetness we have never tasted before, but only if we let what must die, die.

Love like the tree. Soft finger tips, ready to drop ephemeral fruit. Let the heaps of sweet fall around your feet. Let the earth take it back. Move into the center, the Love, the root. Allow. And we can trust how the story sprouts in spring…

Be in your season. Love with a whole heart. We are meant to weave our heart-fibers together as a web. Blanket the world. Let your heart be swallowed by Love. Let yourself be bound to them, to many. For then, when one heart drops away, the world will be there to catch you.

Come to class to connect with community of Spirit, with Love. Or schedule a session to open your heart as wide as the sky.

New Moon & Equinox Blessings,

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