Kundalini Yoga + Sacred Living:

For My Wild, Urgent Dreamers

I woke up this morning to a vision. It was gifted by Spirit. I normally don’t share these types of things. These kinds of gifts are often best kept close to my heart, intimate, unsaid, but understood. Sometimes there is magic in things unsaid, in experiences that are all yours. When we share things, they are no longer ours. We have taken them out into the world. They change this way. It is no longer the same thing that was given to you. It’s different now.

But this one is very adamant it wants to be given away. It has to do with my upcoming Kundalini Yoga for Manifestation E-Course. Whenever I am preparing for a workshop or class on a particular subject, I’m always given the opportunity to work through that topic in my own life. If I am teaching on speaking my truth, I am always confronted with the spaces I could exercise these innate talents. It never fails.

So as I open up into sharing manifestation tools I have used consciously and unconsciously, I am being absolutely blown away by what has come forth. Realizations of how powerful this work is keep coming through. I mean, obviously I knew this stuff worked, that’s why I’m sharing this course. But damn! Dreams I have had for years, dreams I didn’t tell another soul for years, are coming to fruition. I have made space in my life to receive wisdom on the topic.

One of the reasons I want to share this is because I love you. No really. I’m doing my life’s work. There is not a bone in my body that doesn’t know that. It’s because of you. I’ll never be able to say thank you enough.

Another reason is that to receive wisdom, to receive love, to receive abundance, you have to give it away. You have to give away for the sheer bliss of giving. I know when I share this piece, it’s not mine anymore. To be honest, that is very hard for me. I want to keep it to myself. But that’s not what it wants, so here goes.

This is about how to birth our dreams into reality. I believe strongly in putting in the work, the energy, the love into making whatever dream is in you, into reality. I believe that with each heart song that is voiced to the world, every vision that becomes flesh and bones, we are changing the vibration of the planet. We are lifting each other up. This is not selfish or self centered. This is real change that shifts the planet.

This is for you, dreamers with longings urgent and wild:

In the space between worlds where it’s not night, it’s not day. It is a long, long time ago and also right now and a billion years from now. It’s foggy, but in the way that a different, more real vision comes forward. Something misty that makes eyes go soft and blurry. That’s where this starts.

I am an eagle, or some other bird of prey, perhaps hawk. I am so high in the air, nearly reaching the stratosphere. I can tell because the weight of gravity on my body is lighter. There is less pressure. I can feel my feathers even lighter. My bones take on a buoyancy and delight in this thinner atmosphere.

I am soaring. Wings outstretched, clinging to the sky. I am moving so fast, yet doing nothing. By bones have locked into a sort of structure that feels like a steel girder. There is no moving me. And yet I am perfectly relaxed. This is just the way my body is made. I am made to hang here on the sky, with my body outstretched, gliding powerfully. This is who I am.

And I am also hungry. It is time to eat. My eyes are soft, but they can focus in on a tiny rabbit from miles and miles above. Again, there is no straining here. I do not have to squint and peer and try to see the creature. I am simply here, my eyes remain wide and open. And they softly, naturally, and primally focused on the rabbit. A deeper sense flows through my eyes, like through the back of my head and out my eyeballs. It is a soft, direct, and unbroken current. This is how I focus on my prey.

I know I am going in for the kill. I am about to begin my descent. My eyes stay relaxed but fixed, an unbroken, copacetic gaze. Everything is right the whole way down. I am being who I came to be. I am this bird. Stretched wide to the sky, working with great forces, the wind, to pummel my body through the air. I am using what is around me. My wings and heart beat fast and there is a freedom here in this chase. The freedom of moving in the way that the Creator has intended, moving in the way that I do before thinking of how I look to others, moving in the way that is right for me.

The whole way down I am fixed on this rabbit. I can see its hairs bristling in the breeze. I can feel that it doesn’t know what’s about to happen. I can see its every blink. I never turn my eyes away from this glorious creature. And then WOOSH. She is in my claws. A new process begins.

We cannot stay always in the air, nor always chasing. We will either die of exhaustion or starvation. We only need to do what is right and real for us in a moment, in a year, in a decade, in a lifetime. And when we begin to leave our hanging nest in that expansive sky, when we come down to feed ourselves, we could be like these birds. We can let our knowing bones move us through. We can feel our wings stretched to the sky. We can let the wind take us forward. We are not separate from the sky. And we can also broaden and widen, yet focus our vision in such a way that we are unabashedly, whole heartedly fixed on a goal. And we can find relaxation, freedom, and truth here.

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