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How Do You Pray?

I have been praying over my morning coffee. I’ve been praying at red lights. I’ve been praying in between washing my forks and cups, and in between scrubbing toilets and mirrors. I’m really enjoying it. Sometimes, we have to fit it in wherever we can.

There are more ways to pray than there are humans on earth. We can ask for help where it’s needed. We can call on our forces in the unseen realms to guide us and keep us in Love. I don’t like to think of this kind of prayer as pleading with the Heavens (although there are times for that, too). This kind of prayer is more of a pulling in of your resources from all directions. We are a part of everything that has ever been or will be. So these prayers we make to the “man in the sky”, we are asking them of ourselves. We are reaching out our tendrils of energy and consciousness and being reminded that WE. ARE. HUGE. Our reach is far more vast than we can likely see. In fact, it is infinite.

Sometimes, it suits us to pray from our bones or to whisper our prayers into the dirt. Go ahead, tell that sweet flower about your truest desire. Tell her about the song that has been singing in your heart. No matter that you haven’t spoken it out loud yet, and surely not another human. The earth holds our prayers very well.

Sometimes I lay on the earth and let the earth remind me of my prayers. I forget. I’m human. But the earth remembers all the prayers you’ve spoken and not spoken. The earth remembers the prayers that haven’t even crossed into your mind yet.

So go lay on the earth, let her remind you of who you are. See each blade of grass for what it is – a prayer for your wildest, most free heart. Lay and soak in this sacred knowing. And if it feels right, stretch out as big as you can against the sky, and ask for what you REALLY want. The world is open and bright, and you are a part of it.

With a prayer from my full heart to yours,

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