Kundalini Yoga + Sacred Living:

Innocence & Healing

I’ve been tending the garden of my sweet heart with exquisite care lately. I spent some time away, and returned to find things overgrown, gnarly, parched, and desperately in need of my own loving hands to tend it.

Have you been feeling this? Have you noticed things feeling a little parched in your own, dear heart? Have strange and unwanted species entered your sphere that aren’t feeding the overall health of your being?

It’s time to tend the garden. It’s time to dip your bucket into the sacred well. Fill up.

Whatever healing is needed, I tell you with certainty, the map to the medicine is written on your own heart. Dip down into trust, into the deep remembering of your own Spirit. The more fully we can arrive to that still, sacred space in the heart, the more deeply we can rest. It is always undisturbed here. It is always safe. It always has just the medicine we need. We just need to give the heart it’s proper time and space to rest.

The word for this is innocence. It is a return to the innocent heart, the heart that holds the medicine we most need.

The root of innocence can be understood to mean free of injury or hurt. It is not naiveté, which we often think of as innocence. Nor is it a quality of being untouched or unscarred by life. It is quite certainly the opposite. In Spanish, the word inocente refers to someone who tries to do no harm to others (or self). It also carries with it the idea of someone who can heal any injury or harm to oneself. It is the self-healer.

Innocence is not returning to the way things were before disruption, before impurities, before wounds, and all the things life brings with it. There is no denying of any life here. There is no denying of hurt or pain or turmoil. Innocence is an embracing of the here and now, and conjuring up of the internal medicine that makes us ‘all here’ again, whole.

Instead, this innocence is a dipping into your own sacred well within. It’s the nectar of throwing open our arms wide to life. It is the heart that is open, raw, and as a result, indestructible. It is a widening of what we will allow in. It is releasing of the tension that pushes against. It is a softening so that wind can flow through without resistance. We become permeable so more life flows through. It is the pressing against pain that keeps us from the joy that is just on the other side. Innocence is the way to joy. It’s the medicine we need.

Be your own healer. Join me for my workshop this weekend, Kundalini Yoga for Deep Healing, to drop into this part of you that knows what medicine is needed, and how to apply it.

With Love & Innocence,

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