Kundalini Yoga + Sacred Living:

Manifestation As Sacred Play

I believe we are here to dance. I believe we are made of equal parts sky and earth, essence and matter. We have bones and skin and eyes that are made of fine, sinewy things. Things that grow and shrink and grow again. We are as real as mud. We are as thick and dense and heavy as gravel and white mountains. But we are also star light. We are also the breath that spins off planets. We’re the distance between here and the edges of an infinite universe. We’re birthed from, and ever including all song, all voice, all whisper ever uttered in this world. We are infinite.

So we are not one. Or the other. We exist as particles. And inaudible whispers. It’s my humble belief that we are here to play. This vastness and density is our playground. We are children, clumsily stumbling through our learning. We are giggling wildly as we race blindfolded through a magnetic jungle gym. Or at least I hope we are giggling wildly.

We’re here to experience both light and dark. And both the finite and infinite realms. Our lives must meet somewhere in the middle. There is no single balance point that we can attain between both ends of the spectrum. We are ebbing back and forth from one end to the other. Sometimes we commit fully into the material realm. We have to. There is learning, growing, there is work to do there. And then sometimes we flit off to the unseen realm. We spend time in spiritual practices that connect us, devote us, help us remember what we know and have always known.

I’ve spent my entire life in flux between these two realms. Sometimes switching back and forth 100 times throughout the day! Sometimes spending months, or clouded years on one end or the other. This is the dance. There’s no reason to call one realm good, the other bad.

We are made of earth. We are made of stars and sky. What we do in one realm, effects the other. It is ALL sacred if we make it so.

I believe there is a way of manifestation that honors both worlds. A way that is in alignment with all that is, with your heart, with the hearts of others. There is a way of manifestation that lifts up all humans, all creatures. I believe learning how to do this is not only important, but essential.

When we care for ourselves, we thrive. When we care for our connection to the unseen realm, we thrive. When we care for our physical needs, we thrive. And when we thrive, we can reach out and mend the areas of the world that are within our reach. See where I’m going here? Learning how to dance in sacred play benefits all of existence.

We are here to weave together heaven and earth. We’re alive to experience both, the material world, and the unseen world. We will always feel emptiness somewhere in our bodies if we do not have both. We will always be tired. We will always feel we don’t have enough. We will always be chasing or doubting or lonely if we are not standing in our humanness fully. And to be human is to dance. To be human is to play. To be fully human is to embrace our sacredness and learn to dance between.

I have been dancing between for a very, very long time. Longer than this life. So have you. And I am here on earth, so I still have very far to go. I have a lot to learn. But my cup overflows, and it’s time for me to share. I want to share what I know, what I have accumulated on the topic of manifestation. I’m holding an in-depth e-course on the topic. Learn more by clicking here. (More details coming soon). Please be in touch if you’d like to further discuss if this is right for you. I am happy to inform.

In the meantime, go play. Go dance 🙂

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